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Whilst this will be my first term on Council, I am no newcomer to participating in Local Government or leading organisations that work for the  betterment of the community. 

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"If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change."
Mahatma Gandhi

Advocacy for the Environment 

I have been involved at local Government level in the lower mainland in several capacities. Many people in Whistler have seen me and commented on my appearances on Global news. 

Enviroment and Sustainanabilty Advisery Committe (ESAC) Surrey municipality.  

Worked with staff and the Chair to priritise projects that would advance sustainability in Surrey, such a new tree bylaw, plastic waste reduction and pollinator project. 

Chair of local environmental stewardship group - Friends of Hazelmere Campbell Valley (FHCV).

A stewardship group comprising local enviromental groups, land owners and biologists, supporting responsible economic growth, preserving froests and biodiversity. We worked with Semiahmoo First Nation to preserve the rich biodiversity and the Little Campbell River in the Hazelmere area.  

I have spoken and presented regularly over many years at Metro Vancouver and local council level.

Below is a  Vancouver Sun  article from Novemebr 2021 and News footage form Global in my role as Chair of Friends Of Hazelmere Campbell Valley, standing up to preserve biodiversity.

Start at 13 minutes for Campell Heights coverage.

Advocacy at Council for Afordable Housing and sustainable planning.

I have spoken many, many times at council level about developements that were "unsustainable" inappropriate or did nothing to help the local housing crisis. 

Advocay for increasing BC's Food security

It is so important to be able to be self sufficent when it comes to food. We need to be able to feed ourselves and not increasingly rely on expensive food imports.

We live in one of the most fertile regions in Canada, we can and should be do better. I have been lobbying to protect  Agricultureal land for years. I made a detailed presentation to the Metro Vancouver Board earlier this year titled "No farmland no food". please email me for a copy. 

Charitable and volunteer work - Soroptimist International of White Rock 

I was involved, which included time as the president, of the Soropotimst of White Rock group, a world wide organisiation working to better the lives of women and children locally and Internationally. The group has raised hundreds of thousands of dollors for local women and childrens charities. I was the leader in many events such as the infamous purse auction and an International Womens Day Fun Run.

Volunteer work at Womens Place Surrey and Sources Community Resource centre.

As a Dieititian I volunteered to give workshops and short talks on Nuturional strategies when living with Chronic illness, Eating well on a budget and how to make good food choices to be healthy. 



An example of my continued insistence on sustainable planning 


Have questions? - please contact me 

604 6132186

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