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I have always loved and enjoyed what Whistler has to offer residents, second homeowners and visitors alike. This election I am ready to step up and play a role in helping Whistler continue to grow sustainably for the benefit of all. 

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I have called Canada and BC my home since 2004, but was born and raised in the UK and have also lived in Australia and the USA.

I finally made the commitment to Whistler in 2016 and consider it one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family, Whistler won us over hook line and sinker! We love the mountains, the summer hiking and the winters skiing and boarding.  

Why stand for election now?

I have a strong business background in the UK and as small business owner in Whistler I was encouraged by friends and business associates in Whistler to step up for election as a Councillor.

I Understand local Government. 

I have been involved in local Government in the lower mainland since 2015, getting involved and speaking for positive change to improve sustainability and responsible, environmentally protective development. Also to improve public transport and rental housing options. I was chosen as a member of the Surrey Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) in Surrey. I have spoken regularly at Metro Vancouver and local council level.

This involvement has made me aware of how much is involved in local government positions. It has also been a chance to learn what local governments can and cannot do and their interaction with Provincial and Federal governments. 

In the last few years watching biodiversity shrink and trees fall, whilst climate change continued to heat up the world, causing massive destruction from forest fires and floods, all causing loss of life, loss of ecosystems and billions of dollars of damage, I couldn't help but want to make a difference from the inside rather than outside.

 In this election I am ready to step up and put my knowledge, energies, and dedication to work for a sustainable future for Whistler, for the current and future generations.


I am ready for the challenge and just ask for a chance to make a difference.

Thank you.


Sarah Rush MSc RD


If you would like to donate to my campaign please reach out to me. Thank you.

604 613 2186


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